About the ACM

Background: The purpose of the Academic Common Market is for states to share specified academic degree programs located at Southern public colleges and universities. This is accomplished through an exchange of students across borders at in-state tuition rates. The Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) coordinates the ACM, and through this program, students wishing to study in majors not available in their home states may be able to attend out-of-state universities that agree to pay the out-of-state portion of their tuition.

The ACM at UA: In the table of UA programs you will see which particular degree programs are available for a particular state’s residents. Undergraduate students must have earned at least a 25 ACT composite score or 1130 SAT composite score (math and verbal only) and at least a 3.00 overall high school GPA to be considered for an ACM scholarship at UA. You must have been admitted to UA before you can apply for an ACM scholarship.

How Do You Begin?

  • If you already have been admitted to UA and meet the above minimum test score and high school GPA requirements, click Apply Now and submit the Application for ACM Out-of-State Tuition Scholarship.
  • If you have not been admitted to UA, please wait until you receive an official admission letter before applying for an ACM scholarship.
  • We then evaluate your ACM application. If you meet UA’s ACM qualifications, we will inform your state’s ACM coordinator that you are eligible for an ACM scholarship.
  • You need to contact your home-state ACM coordinator and provide whatever information the state requires to certify residency. Contact information for each State ACM Coordinator is on the SREB Home Page.  (Click on “Academic Common Market” and then “Participating States.”)
  • Your state’s ACM coordinator certifies residency and asks UA to give you an out-of-state tuition scholarship.
  • We do a final check and agree to provide a UA-paid scholarship equal to the out-of-state portion of your tuition, if you meet all UA requirements.
  • We send you a letter welcoming you to the ACM and reminding you of the conditions for continuing to receive the scholarship each semester.


  • At UA the deadline for ACM certification for a particular semester is the “last day to register or add a course,” as indicated on the official UA calendar. ACM students not accepted or certified by that date must wait until the next semester to receive ACM support.
  • All UA ACM students must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA to continue receiving the scholarship from one semester to the next. The 3.0 GPA is computed only on UA work attempted and does not include transfer work. Course work completed at other universities is irrelevant to the UA GPA, even though the student’s department may accept the course itself to be used in the student’s plan of study.
  • Each semester, we check each student’s record to be sure that the student still is enrolled in the ACM program for which he or she is certified, and that the student continues to meet all UA requirements for ACM participation. This includes the 3.0 minimum GPA on all UA courses attempted.

Should you have any questions about the ACM, please contact:


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The University Alabama Last updated: 12/20/2006