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April 21, 2003

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UA Law and Business Schools Ranked Among U.S. News' Best Graduate Schools

Book cover - U.S. News, 2004 Edition, America's Best Graduate SchoolsThe UA School of Law is ranked 45th and the Manderson Graduate School of Business is ranked 65th in U.S. News and World Report's 2004 edition of its annual "Best Graduate Schools" publication.

For the fifth consecutive year, the UA Law School has been ranked among the top 50 law schools in the nation. The ranking of 45th is the highest ever for the school, and places it among the top 25 law schools at public universities.

"This national ranking is important insofar as it represents a commitment to academic excellence," said Ken Randall, dean of the School of Law.

Randall credited fundraising support from friends and alumni with helping the School of Law "implement a blueprint for improvement in every facet of its educational program."

"The national ranking is due to the support of The University of Alabama System and the University itself, and fueled by outstanding faculty, students and staff," Randall said.

The UA School of Law is Alabama's only public law school. About 80 percent of its students are Alabamians. "The state deserves no less than a first-rate law school," Randall said. "We want Alabama's sons and daughters to remain in Alabama for their legal education and their careers, contributing to Alabama's future prosperity. What is good for our state's only public law school is good for all of Alabama."

At 65th, the Manderson Graduate School is among the top 33 public universities recognized for their graduate business programs.

"This ranking shows that we are moving in the right direction," said Dr. Robert McLeod, executive director of MBA programs at UA. "I think it recognizes the vision of Dean Barry Mason and underscores the fact that our program provides value at a reasonable cost. Our Techno-MBA program was ranked No. 4 in the nation by Computerworld not long ago, and I think that gained the attention of a lot of people."

Dr. David Funk, director of the MBA program, said, "Our MBA program consistently ranks among the top programs nationally for return on investment. Every one of the people who entered our program last fall received some type of scholarship, assistantship or fellowship. In addition, our Class of 2001 received an average compensation of nearly $65,000 a year, thanks to the hard work of the staff who provide career services."

The Alabama MBA is one of the most selective in the country with 47 percent selectivity, placing it in the top 50. Allowing 50 to 60 students entry each year, the hallmark of the program is the selection of a diverse academic and professional class that has in common high achievement and high potential for leadership.


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