Caroline Beard – Modern Languages and Classics

  • June 20th, 2016
Caroline Beard recently completed her MA in Spanish Literature in the Department of Modern Languages & Classics. A native of Franklin, Tenn., Caroline earned her B.A. in public relations and Spanish from The University of Alabama in 2011. After working as an advertising account executive for three years, she followed her passion for the Spanish language back to the Capstone. As a first-year MA student, Caroline was awarded a Graduate Council Fellowship, and she was named Outstanding Graduate Student in Spanish for 2015-16. She has had four papers presented or accepted at conferences, including KFLC (The Languages, Literatures and Cultures Conference at the University of Kentucky). Her article on Benjamín Prado’s Mala gente que camina will be published in the summer 2016 edition of the peer-reviewed journal Divergencias. While Caroline’s research interests are varied, her Master’s thesis examined literary and documentary film representations of the thousands of young, highly qualified and educated Spaniards who have emigrated since the start of the global economic crisis in 2008. In her analyses of these works, Caroline observed narrative patterns and trends that reveal complex negotiations of cultural and generational identities and point to broad yet gradual societal changes taking place even beyond Spain’s borders. Aside from her research and studies, Caroline enjoyed the opportunity to teach basic 100- and 200-level Spanish as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. She also served as secretary of La Última Letra, the Spanish graduate student organization. In the fall of 2016, she will begin doctoral studies at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.

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