Congratulations to the following Graduate Student Award winners 

The University of Alabama Outstanding Dissertation Award

  • Kathryn O’Harra, Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering, College of Engineering
    “Molecular Design of High-Performance Imidazolium Ionenes as Gas Separation Membranes and 3D Printing Materials”
    Department Chair: Heath Turner 
    Advisor/Committee Chair: Jason Bara

The University of Alabama Outstanding Thesis Award

  • Md Musfiqur Rahman Bhuiya, Department of Geography, College of Arts and Sciences
    “Accessibility of Movement Challenged Persons to Evacuation Routes and Their Earthquake Risk Perception”
    Department Chair: Matthew Therrell
    Advisor/Committee Chair: Wanyun Shao

Outstanding Non-Traditional Thesis Award

Roderick Borisade, Department of Communication Studies, College of Communication and Information Sciences
“Cracked at the Root”
Department Chair: Margaret D’Silva
Advisor/Committee Chair: Robin Boylorn

Outstanding Research by a Master’s Student

  • Julia Loup (Psychology, MA)

Outstanding Teaching by a Master’s Student

  • Grey LaJoie (English, MFA)

Outstanding Service by a Graduate Student

  • Katie Lightfoot (Modern Languages and Classics, MA)

Outstanding Teaching by a Doctoral Student

  • Cassie Whitt (Psychology, PhD)

Outstanding Research by a Doctoral Student

  • Jonathan Frame (Geological Sciences, PhD) 

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