Submit your official transcripts

If you did not submit official transcripts (defined as transcripts sent directly to us by your institutions) during the application process, please ensure that these have been submitted. For each previous higher education institution that you attended (for 15 or more hours), electronic transcripts should be sent to by your respective institution(s). If your institutions cannot send electronic transcripts, please request that they send paper transcripts to one of the following addresses:

Regular mail: Graduate School, The University of Alabama, Box 870118, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0118.

Express Mail our Courier: Graduate School, The University of Alabama, Rose Administration Building Suite# 100, 801 University Boulevard, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487.

Take care of international requirements

If you are an international student, review the Pre-arrival & Arrival Checklist

Temporary Housing

The University of Alabama has a limited amount of temporary housing available for graduate students while they search for permanent housing. Temporary housing is available at a rate of $32/night between July 8 and July 28. Please complete this form to request temporary housing.


The University of Alabama has graduate student housing in the Bryce Lawn apartment complex. To apply please visit

You can find out more about off-campus housing through The University of Alabama Off-Campus Housing Service.

There are many student oriented apartment complexes to chose from in Tuscaloosa, many of which are either walking distance to campus or served by dedicated bus services.

Learn your Campus Wide Identification Number (CWID)

During the application process you received an email with your CWID. You can also find your CWID on your student records inside myBama: Student Tab /Student Services/Student Records.  You will use your CWID for a variety of purposes while a student at UA.

Learn how to stay connected

Familiarize yourself with the myBama website and Crimson email account. Set up email forwarding if you plan to use a personal email account.

Register for classes

Go to to enroll in classes.  Before you begin, there is a tutorial to guide you through the registration process located online at

If you need guidance concerning which classes to register for, contact your department advisor.  If you do not know your department advisor, contact your Graduate Program Director (click on the “Contact Us” link for your college).

Confirm your schedule

Go to MyBama/Student/Student Services/Student Receivables/View Your Account, Pay Confirm Your Schedule/Select the upcoming semester/Click to confirm. If you have a qualifying assistantship or fellowship which includes tuition or health insurance scholarships check and ensure the appropriate credit is on your account. If you have a question, please check with your supervising department.

Get a UA ActCard

Submit your Action Card photo online or visit the Action Card Office in the Campus Drive Parking Deck to have your card made.  You will need this card for many services around campus.

Get acquainted with the Graduate School

Register for (and attend) GRaduate Orientation and Welcome (GROW). Come out for an evening of music, free food, door prizes, access to dozens of campus and city resource booths, and a chance to meet the Graduate School team & other graduate students. Please visit the New Graduate Student Checklist.

Confirm your scholarship and financial aid package

If you receive a scholarship awarded by an agency outside The University of Alabama, that organization should contact Student Financial Aid and forward appropriate documentation as directed.

Know how to get your funds

If applicable, set up direct deposit for surplus fellowships and scholarships that are processed through your student account (not payroll). Sign in to myBama, open the Student Services folder, then the Student Account Services folder, and click on Create/ Change Direct Deposit Information and complete the requested information.

If you have an assistantship, make sure your department has given you a Memorandum of Appointment which sets out your entitlements and your obligations. Please request one from your hiring department. Also be sure to complete your I-9 Form,, and return it to your department.

If you receive a stipend that is processed through payroll (assistantship), set up direct deposit, if desired. (This is a different process than setting up direct deposit for surplus fellowship and scholarship funds that are deposited into your student account.)

Get permission to park and/or ride

If you plan to drive to campus, register for a parking pass.  Log in to myBama and scroll down to the red Auxiliary Services box. In that box, click the link that says “Register HERE for a Parking Permit” and follow the instructions.  First semester graduate students may request a waiver in person at the Transportation Services Office if their desired zone is no longer available online.

If you plan to ride a bike on campus, complete the bike registration form.  The Bike Registration form is available online or you can register by filling out the proper forms at the Transportation Services office located at 451 Campus Drive East (Transit Hub). Forms are also available at the University Recreation Center. 

Submit immunization and test verification to the Student Health Center

The Student Health Center requires proof of your immunization record against childhood diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) and TB. Immunization information is required for all students before the beginning of classes. Visit for more information about obtaining and submitting this information to the Student Health Center. If you do not have these records verified you will be dropped from your classes.

Purchase insurance

Students wishing to purchase the UA Student Health Insurance plan for themselves and/or to add spouse or family coverage must register and pay the associated premiums through the United Healthcare/UA website BEFORE the expiration of the registration enrollment period. Dates are published on the Student Health Center website.

Domestic students: The University will pay for the single-coverage premium for the university-sponsored student health insurance plan unless you have alternative insurance and decline the university’s plan. The amount of the payment will be based on the FTE of your assistantship; 0.50 FTE will receive full benefit, 0.25 FTE will receive half. Those students with 0.25 FTE will be required to pay the balance of the premium cost through the Student Health Center otherwise the benefit is forgone. You must formally accept or decline the coverage through the Student Health Center.

International students: International students with a graduate assistantship will be automatically enrolled in the UA student health insurance plan and have a grant applied to their student account to offset the cost of the single coverage premium. You can be exempted from automatic enrollment in the UA health insurance plan (and provision of the associated grant) if you provide timely proof of adequate student health insurance that is approved by the University before the start of classes each semester. Contact the Health Insurance Specialist at the Student Health Center (+1 205 348-4086) with questions.

Check in with your department

Attend your department’s orientation and International Student Orientation, if applicable.

Get GTA ready

If you will be a new teaching assistant in the fall semester, attend the August Workshop for New Graduate Teaching Assistants Your Graduate Program Director should have already signed you up.

Get a head start on writing right

Attend one of the thesis/dissertation seminars presented each semester by the Graduate School dean’s office and visit The UA Writing Center to take advantage of many resources including

  • Free, friendly, one-on-one writing consultations on papers, conference abstracts, proposals, literature reviews, dissertations and more
  • Writing Tools and Style Guides
  • Writing Workshops
  • Dissertation Writers’ Retreat

Develop your research expertise

Take advantage of UA’s world class resources Visit University Libraries in person or online at for help with

  • Research Tools (Citation Managers, Research Guides, Scout)
  • Using the Library (Workshops, Interlibrary Loan, Computers, Software, and Equipment)
  • Personalized assistance (Research Consultations, Subject Specialists, etc.)

Get Certified to Conduct Research through UA’s Institutional Review Board (IRB)

  • Training classes for investigators whose research involves a human participant

Learn how to get your work funded with help from PIVOT

  • Valuable online tool, free to UA students, to help search for funding opportunities, grants, scholarships, fellowships, and research collaborators
  • Set up an account to receive weekly updates on funding opportunities that meet your search criteria
  • Perfect your presentations

Schedule an appointment with UA’s Speaking Studio

  • Free service staffed with public speaking consultants who facilitate the recording and immediate feedback of individual or group presentations
  • One-on-one coaching to hone your stage presence

Get Ready for the job market

Contact UA’s Career Center to learn about

  • Career Fairs
  • The CrimsonCareers Online Recruiting System
  • CV, Resume, and Cover Letter Development
  • Interview Skills
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Mock Interviews
  • Networking Skills and Strategies

Arrange disability support

If applicable, contact the Office of Disability Services (ODS) for information regarding services for students with disabilities.

Investigate family resources

If you are a student who has a child, sign up to be on the GPS (Graduate Parent Support) listserv to learn more about family resources, family events, free babysitting, and more: or email