The University of Alabama is proud of our graduate students’ accomplishments in research, in the classroom, and beyond. Click below to learn more about some of the wonderful things that our students do, and their potential to change the world.

Kathryn Carter

Student Spotlight: Kathryn Cater

May 2019

Graduate student Kathryn Cater chose The University of Alabama for both undergraduate and graduate study. She began working toward her master’s degree during her senior year as part of the University Scholars program. Cater, a recent Fulbright Scholar, shared what made her year of enhanced research special. Where are you now in your studies and […]

Brittany Groves

Student Spotlight: Brittany Groves

Apr 2019

Current master’s student Brittany Groves, who’s studying German and working on a certificate in the Women’s Studies program, recently shared her experience as a Fulbright scholar and tapped into what can be concerns for many prospective graduate students. Groves believes choosing a program with faculty and financial support is key. Tell us a little about […]

Erica Boden

Student Spotlight: Erica Boden

Feb 2019

Strategic consultant – and Fulbright scholar – Erica Boden says attending graduate school at The University of Alabama prepared her for life after graduation. She recently shared her journey through graduate school and the Fulbright experience. Why did you choose to attend The University of Alabama’s Graduate School? I actually began graduate school through the […]

2019 Outstanding Graduate Student Awards

Feb 2019

Congratulations to the following Graduate Student Award winners: The University of Alabama Outstanding Dissertation Award Dr. Briana Whiteside Title: “Octavia E. Butler: History, Culture, and the Future: A Comprehensive Approach” Department of English College of Arts and Sciences Department Chair: Joel Brouwer Advisor/Committee Chair: Trudier Harris The University of Alabama Outstanding Thesis Award Kevin Willson […]

Ruth Bishop

Student Spotlight: Ruth Bishop

Feb 2019

Former UA MBA Student (and current University of Michigan medical student) Ruth Bishop also chose The University of Alabama for undergraduate study, majoring in Spanish and biology. Bishop was one of the first participants in the STEM path of the University’s MBA program and is a recent Fulbright Scholar, which has helped shape her professional […]

Alex Ates

Student Spotlight: Alex Ates, Theatre Directing MFA Candidate

Jan 2019

New Orleans native and current graduate student Alex Ates was recently named the 2019 Graduate Student winner of Southeastern Theatre Conference’s Young Scholar Award. He will present his award-winning research paper “Powerful Contradictions on Charged Stages: Theater Revolutions in the Jim Crow South” at SETC’s 70th Annual Convention in Knoxville, Tennessee. Ates is pursuing an […]

Kat Robinson

Student Spotlight: Kathryn Robison

Jan 2019

Kathryn (Kat) Robison hails from Raleigh, North Carolina and is a fourth-year doctoral candidate studying space policy in the political science program. Robison completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Arizona, then received her first master’s degree from Youngstown State University. She received a second master’s degree from The University of Alabama. We caught […]

joshua nunn

In Frigid Greenland, Engineering Student Helps Understand Climate

Jan 2019

By Adam Jones Joshua Nunn had never been outside the United States before graduate school. In fact, he’d never ridden in a plane. That all changed on a visit to Greenland, a journey that included riding a C-130 military plane. That’s a long way from his hometown of Talladega. And, the weather differences during Greenland’s […]

From UA Grad to Outer Space, Hines Selected as Astronaut Candidate

Dec 2018

By Jamon Smith Bob Hines, NASA 2017 astronaut candidate When Bob Hines was 6 years old, he witnessed an event that would forever change the trajectory of his life: the launch of NASA’s first space shuttle, the STS-1, from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on April 12, 1981. As the shuttle cleared the tower propelled by a thick blast […]

Student Tennis Champion Knows Meaning of Perseverance

Dec 2018

  By Jamon Smith Shelby Baron has never experienced what it’s like to walk, but she is quite familiar with what it’s like to win big. Baron, a 23-year-old graduate student studying speech pathology at The University of Alabama, has been a member of the Team USA Paralympic Wheelchair Tennis Team since 2010. She is […]