For three weeks in May, graduate students can apply to attend a writing retreat sponsored by the Graduate School and Writing Center. The retreat provides graduate students uninterrupted time and comfortable space to make tangible and substantial progress on their dissertations, reflect in a meaningful way on their writing skills and writing processes, and consider how those skills and processes might be applied to future writing projects. Writers set writing goals at the start of the retreat, write for several hours each day, consider and critique their writing processes, and give brief oral presentations on their work in progress on the final day of the retreat. Individual and small-group coaching from experienced Writing Center staff (and invited faculty) is available throughout this unique retreat. The Writing Retreat is an excellent example of how UA supports and equips graduate students to be successful. If you have questions about the Writing Retreat, please contact Cori Perdue at Writers’ Retreat 2016 Flyer APPLY HERE for the 2016 Writer’s Retreat!