Chris Youssef

Biological Sciences

Chris Youssef is a master’s student from the Los Angeles area, California in his second year in the accelerated master’s program. He is pursuing a Master of Arts in Biological Sciences and has just completed his undergraduate degree in biology at UA.

Chris has been active in many organizations on campus including The College of Arts and Sciences Ambassadors, Sigma Phi Epsilon, SGA Student Judiciary, Men Against Rape and Sexual Assault, Alpha Epsilon Delta, and Project Health. Additionally, he will be serving as a Graduate Community Director for UA Housing and Residential Communities in the 2022-2023 school year. Chris holds certifications as an Emergency Medical Technician and as an EKG Technician and has worked in the field of emergency medicine in Los Angeles County since May of 2020.

After earning his master’s degree, Chris hopes to attend medical school to pursue a career in medicine.