Mona Anchan

Educational Neuroscience

Mona is a fourth year doctoral student in the educational neuroscience concentration of the educational psychology program in UA's College of Education. She is very curious about what happens in the brain when people do math, or so she tells her Uber drivers when they ask. If you continue to press her for more, she will absolutely monopolize your time telling you about her research on numerical and mathematical processing in bilinguals and how it compares to monolinguals developmentally.

Born and raised in India, Mona calls the U.S. her second home. She's lived in Chicago, New Orleans and Boston while collecting various degrees in mathematics, biochemistry, psychology and neuroscience as well as mind, brain and education. As a result of her obsession for transdisciplinary learning and actionable outcomes, she refers to herself as a “thought engineer” and is open to discussing anything and everything about UA, academia or life.

As a cellular/molecular neuroscience researcher and a former math/science high school teacher, Mona is keen to develop accessible ways of communicating scientific research to non-scientists. She also pursues working with educators, parents and students to implement scientific research in addressing their daily learning needs.

Currently, she is the Graduate Student Association Housing Committee Chair and the coordinator for the pilot series, MeSS (Methodology Seminars and Socials). She is a recipient of The University of Alabama Educational Psychology Outstanding Graduate Student Award, The University of Alabama Anderson Scholarship, and the Paul W. Terry Memorial Endowed Scholarship. 

In her free time, Mona is learning Japanese, bettering her yoga practice and catching breaks on Netflix.