Shivangi Borate

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Shivangi Borate is a Chemical and Biological Engineering PhD student from Mumbai, India.

She holds a Master of Science in Chemical and Energy Engineering from Otto von Guericke University (Germany) and a Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering from Dr. B. A. Technological University (India). During her master’s program, she was working as a research assistant at the Max Planck Institute to study the mathematical modeling of fuel cells and alkaline batteries. She has been involved with the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE), and the German Institute of Chemical Engineers (VDI) through various student outreach programs and Chem-E-Car competitions. She received the POSCO-TJ Park Asia Fellowship for Outstanding Student in the Department of Chemical Engineering in her undergraduate program. She is also a recipient of the InspireSHE scholarship for women in science programs in her home state.

Shivangi’s research at UA in the Harris lab primarily focuses on synthesizing and characterizing metal-containing zeolite catalysts for alcohol upgrading reactions to make renewable chemicals. She uses a variety of characterization techniques and kinetic experiments to identify active sites and synthesize catalysts for targeted use. She is currently a member of the Graduate Student Council in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.

Shivangi is motivated about increasing women and minority participation and representation in STEM fields. She loves exploring various cuisines as part of traveling and understanding different cultures. Shivangi would love to share her experiences of living in Tuscaloosa as a graduate student and would like to help prospective students in their journey to becoming a part of The University of Alabama.