Which Programs Require Admission Test Scores (GRE/GMAT)?

Please see our Program Portal for details

The following programs require admission test scores as part of the application package. Some of the programs listed may waive the test score in some instances. If your prospective program is not listed here, an admission test score is not required for admission.

College of Arts and Sciences

    • Political Science MA, PhD
    • Speech Language Pathology MS

Culverhouse College of Business

    • Accounting MMA, PhD
    • Applied Statistics MS, PhD
    • Business Administration MBA (not EMBA)
    • Business Analytics MSBA
    • Quantitative Economics MA, PhD
    • Finance MS, PhD
    • Management MA, PhD
    • Management Information Systems MS 
    • Marketing MS, PhD
    • Operations Management MS, PhD 
    • Tax Accounting MTA 

College of Education

    • Educational Research PhD 
    • Kinesiology MA (non-certification), PhD
    • Special Education PhD

College of Engineering

    • Electrical Engineering MS, PhD
    • Mechanical Engineering MS, PhD (waived for ABET accredited schools)

College of Human Environmental Science

    • Human Nutrition PhD

Language Scores (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE)

NOTE 1: The University of Alabama Graduate School accepts super-scores (such as a TOEFL MyBest™ score).

NOTE 2: Many programs require a higher English language score. Please refer to the individual program pages for more details. Please see our Program Portal for Details

On a test basis, we are currently offering the option to take the Duolingo English Test. To qualify for regular admission, applicants must score 105 or above.  Duolingo scores cannot be used for admission all programs