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Eligibility Requirements

  • Prerequisite coursework:
    • Intermediate level computer programming or data science course
    • Interest / curiosity in water-related research (climate change; water quality, flood, and drought prediction; and more).
  • Target majors:
    • Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Data Science, Geography, Geological Science, Physics, and other related STEM fields
    • Eligibility: Junior year or higher standing
  • 3.2 GPA or higher.

Application Requirements

  • Highlight specific coding experience in the resume.
  • Highlight work with data and computational analysis in Statement of Purpose.

Program Description

  • Collaborate with UA faculty to research new computational tools for forecasting floods, droughts, and water quality.
  • Advance your professional skills for success in graduate school and the workforce.
  • Increase internship and career opportunities in federal agencies and businesses working in the water prediction field.
  • Research areas:
    • Applying machine learning and process-based models to predict floods, droughts, and water quality
    • Overcoming challenges working with big water data
    • Using data-driven methods to improve understanding of climate change effects on water systems
    • Creating cyberinfrastructure in support of water prediction research
    • Developing open source tools supporting user interaction with water information
    • Visualization of water information to aid decision makers
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Program Contact

  • Dr. Steven Burian, Director of Science, Alabama Water Institute,