Psychology Flyer

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Eligibility Requirements

  • Prerequisite Courses
    • Required: Introduction to Psychology
    • Preferred: Research Methods
  • 3.0 GPA or higher

Program Description

This program will involve:

  • Collaboration with a UA faculty member or members on research in their lab(s)
  • Meet current graduate students and learn about their experiences
  • Professional development workshops, including applying for graduate school
  • Personalized mentoring on developing your CV, personal statement, and developing a detailed plan for applying to graduate school
  • The opportunity to develop presentation skills

Examples of research areas include:

  • Social processes in racial and socioeconomic differences in mental and physical health
  • Substance use disorder prevention, assessment, and treatment
  • Decision-making in African American older adults
  • Early childhood development
  • Effects of internalized racial oppression in African American adolescents
  • ADHD and anxiety in youth
  • Mindfulness interventions for teachers
  • Hospice interventions to preserve dignity
  • Healthy aging and interdisciplinary teams