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Eligibility Requirements

  • Only students currently enrolled full time at one of the following institutions are eligible to apply:
    • Stillman College
    • Fort Valley State University
    • Jackson State University
  • Target Majors:
    • Biochemistry, biology, chemistry, physics, or engineering.

Program Description

Activities include summer research and training with UA faculty, chemistry labs to build knowledge, professional development, and a research conference. Project goals include enhancing the competitiveness of HBCU student participants as applicants to graduate programs, preparing participants for the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) workforce by reinforcing hands-on lab experiences that were lost during the COVID-19 pandemic and providing students with content knowledge, skills, experiences and confidence to engage in entrepreneurial pursuits in the STEM arena. Bridge program activities will take place through resident summer programs at UA, as well as student exchanges between UA and Stillman students during the academic year. For more information about this program, go to

Program Contacts

Stillman College Dr. Tasha Drake
Stillman College Dr. Reginald Little
Fort Valley State University Dr. Robin Bright
Fort Valley State University Dr. Tiffani Holmes
Jackson State University Professor Qilin Dai
The University of Alabama Dr. Shanlin Pan