Please use the Graduate Scholarships, Fellowships, and Other Academic Awards Payable form.

If the award is funded from a contract or grant please use the Student Stipends, Scholarships, and Fellowship form from the Contract & Grant Accounting Office.

  • For awards payable in lump sum payment amount for one or more semesters, please select the “Single Payment” option at the top of the form.
  • For installment payments, please select the “Installment Payment” option.
  • Forms must be approved by the authorized administrator so designated to make awards from the scholarship fund and the approval must be evidenced with his or her signature on the form. All completed and approved forms must be sent to the Director of Administration in the Graduate School, 101 Rose Administration, Box 870118 or by email to

Banner Codes

  • Graduate students should use Banner account code 780214.
  • Law students should use Banner account code 781227.

Graduate and law student awards will be reviewed and approved through the Graduate School first and then processed through either the Scholarship Tracking/Financial Aid System or through Student Receivables Student Payment System, depending on whether or not the payments are to be made in installments or in one lump sum to the student(s).

Payment will be scheduled as indicated on the above form for each option and as follows:

  1. Single payment awards will be processed through the UA Scholarship Tracking System as soon as they have been approved and will appear on the student’s MyBama account according to Student Receivables’ payment schedule.
  2. Installment payment awards will be processed for payment no later than the 26th day of each month covered by the award period (earlier where public holidays or weekends impact).
    • Fall awards will be paid in 5 installments starting in August and ending in December.
    • Spring awards will be paid in 4 installments starting January and ending in April.
    • Summer awards will be paid in 3 installments starting May and ending in July.
    • Awards sent to the Graduate School during the semester will be processed in equal installments over the number of months left in the period e.g. a spring award received in February will be paid in three equal installments in February, March, and April.

For installment payment awards, the properly completed and approved form must be delivered to the Graduate School no later than the close of business listed in the Fellowships Payment Schedule in order for payment to be guaranteed by the month end.

Where the award is paid from funds used for the first time to make graduate scholarship payments and no award account is set up in the Scholarship Tracking System, the Graduate School will request a new Banner detail code from the UA Scholarships Office. This may delay the processing and payment of the awards beyond regular schedules.

If the funding source is from a sponsored program the form must first go to Sponsored Programs, Contract and Grant Accounting Office, for approval and then they will forward it to the Graduate School.

NOTE: A student must be or have been enrolled for the award period to receive the scholarship or award. If a student is selected for an award in a year subsequent to his or her last enrollment (e.g. Honors Day), and the student is not expected to return in the upcoming semester, then the award must be processed on a Miscellaneous Disbursement Voucher, and sent to the Accounts Payable office. Note on the MDV that the payment is for a non-enrolled student.

The regular date for stipends to be applied to student accounts is set for around the 25th or 26th day of each month. This will assist students by ensuring that they have sufficient time to access available funds and deposit to a bank account before the end of each month. When this date falls on a weekend, payment will be made the preceding Friday.


Deadline for submission of Payment

Request Form to Graduate School

Date when stipend is applied to

Student Account

August 2019  Wednesday, August 21st 2019 Friday, August 23rd 2019
September 2019 Monday, September 23rd 2019 Wednesday, September 25th 2019
October 2019 Tuesday, October 22nd 2019 Thursday, October 24th 2019
November 2019 ***Wednesday, November 20th 2019 Friday, November 22nd 2019
December 2019 ****Monday, December 16th 2019 Wednesday, December 18th 2019
January 2020 Tuesday, January 21st 2020 Thursday, January 23rd 2020
February 2020 Friday, February 21st 2020 Tuesday, February 25th 2020
March 2020 Monday, March 23rd 2020 Wednesday, March 25th 2020
April 2020 Wednesday, April 22nd 2020 Friday, April 24th 2020
May 2020 Wednesday, May 20th 2020 Friday, May 22nd 2020
June 2020 Wednesday, June 24th 2020 Friday, June 26th 2020
July 2020 Wednesday, July 22nd 2020 Friday, July 24th 2020


*** In November, both submission deadline and payment dates are slightly earlier due to the Thanksgiving holiday.
**** In December, both submission deadline and payment dates are much earlier due to the UA Christmas closures.

All awards must be submitted to the Graduate School by the close of business on the deadlines listed above in order for payment to be guaranteed by the month end. This means that any forms which require additional approvals ‐ especially Contract & Grant funded fellowships – MUST be submitted to C & G Accounting Office before that date in order for them to approve and submit the forms to us by the deadline. This also includes any changes or updates for any award already in place, these must also be received in this office by the deadline for each month.

NOTE: The Graduate School will not assume responsible for ensuring students get paid on time if forms are not turned in by the appropriate deadline.