Applicants FAQ

What is the application deadline for my program?

Visit The University of Alabama Graduate School's program portal page for deadline information for your specific program. This page also lists program-specific application requirements, start dates, and program contacts.

How can I find my application status?

You may check your application status by logging into the UA Graduate School application portal. You will also receive notification via email when your status updates. If you have further questions, contact your admissions counselor.

Can my application fee be waived?

Application fees are nonrefundable and must be paid with each application submission. Please see our admissions page to see if you qualify for an application fee exemption.

How long will it take to receive an admission decision?

You will be notified via email as your application progresses through the review process and you may check your status page to review any updates. For further information about when a decision will be made, please reach out to your prospective academic program.

Is an assistantship, fellowship or scholarship available upon admission to my program of study?

Funding may be available through your program. For further information about funding, contact your prospective academic program.

If I am a U.S. permanent resident, should I apply as a domestic or an international student?

Please apply as a domestic student if your visa status is "U.S. permanent resident."

Are immunization records required for graduate school or online programs?

All on-campus students are required to provide an immunization record. Immunizations are not required for distance learning students. Further information will be provided upon admission. UA students do not need to re-submit immunization records.

Does the Graduate School accept Higher National Diplomas and National Diplomas?

We accept both HND and ND transcripts. However, to be considered for admission, we must receive the Higher National Diploma and National Diploma transcripts as part of your application.

Does the Graduate School accept 3-year bachelor’s degrees?

Yes, we do accept them.

Does the Graduate School accept backlogs?

Yes, we do. However, it is up to each individual department if they will grant admission based on them.

I just received my CWID and Crimson email address. Does this mean I am admitted/have a stronger chance of being admitted?

No, it does not. Issuance of a Campus Wide ID number and a Crimson email address is a standard part of the application process.

My GPA does not fall on the 4.0 GPA scale. For example, my GPA is 7 out of 10. How do I know if I am eligible for admission to the Graduate School?

The UA Graduate School will convert your scores to a 4.0 scale to determine your eligibility.

Will I receive an I-20 when I apply for a graduate program?

No; I-20s can only be requested after an applicant has accepted their admission offer. The Office of International Student & Scholar Services issues I-20s.

I had my transcripts evaluated by WES, ECE or another credit evaluator service. Can I use those evaluations within my application?

No, we do not accept WES, ECE or other evaluations. The Graduate School conducts evaluations on all transcripts received in the application process. Applicants will upload copies of all transcripts during the application process.

My transcripts are not in English. Can I still use them during the application process?

Unfortunately, no. All submitted transcripts must be in English or translated in English by a certified translator.

I have received documentation that states my entire degree program has been taught in English, but my application states I need to submit an English score. Can I use this documentation from my degree program in lieu of an English Proficiency Score (i.e TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo, or IELTS score)?

Unfortunately, no. If you are not eligible for an English proficiency score waiver, then you must submit a valid TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo, or IELTS score.

Can my certificate of degree completion suffice for my transcript?

No, it cannot. We need your transcripts for review and evaluation purposes.

I do not have a ‘transcript’, but a mark sheet. Will that be accepted by the Graduate School?

Yes, they will be accepted.

My transcript has been deemed as ‘insufficient’. What does that mean?

This means that your transcript is lacking one or more of the following items needed for further review and evaluation: your name, university's name, completed courses, course titles (or course title key) grades, GPA, date of admission, date of graduation, etc. These items need to be presented on your transcript in order to evaluate them.

I was just admitted. When do I need to submit my official transcripts and test scores?

Students should submit their official transcripts and test scores upon admission. However, if your degree has not been awarded yet, submit when your final transcript is available.

When do your semesters normally start?

Our fall semester starts in mid-August and ends in early December. Our spring semester begins in early January and ends in early May. Our summer semesters starts in late May and end in early August.

How do I register for classes?

To enroll in classes:

  • Log in to myBama.
  • Select the "Student" tab on the left.
  • Click "Registration" in the left menu.
  • Select "Add or Drop Classes" from the drop-down menu.
  • Select your enrollment term, choose your classes and submit your enrollment.

If you need assistance selecting classes, reach out to your academic program.