Processes, Forms & Reports

The Graduate School partners with academic programs and colleges to support students’ progress toward their goals. All graduate academic policies, both university-wide and program-specific, can be found in the Graduate Catalog, updated once yearly. Please feel free to contact us at the Graduate School if we can help you find the information you need.

Forms & Reports


Many of the DocuSign forms that used to be initiated by faculty have been converted to processes initiated by students, within their Graduate Student Portal. Other forms, initiated by faculty, are available in myBama: Employee –> Administrative Systems –> Graduate Student Forms, or are still in the DocuSign format. For a list of all faculty-initiated forms related to graduate student academic progress, and their locations, see Academic Forms for Graduate Students.

Thesis/Dissertation Committee Formation: Students invite faculty members to serve on their Thesis and Dissertation Committees through the Graduate Student Portal. Once inside the Student Portal, they will find instructions on committee formation. Guidelines on committee formation can also be found in the Graduate Catalog’s section on Doctoral Degrees, under the “Dissertation committee” heading, or in the section on Master’s Degrees, under the “Thesis” heading. Once the student has submitted the names of their proposed committee members, their invitation is routed for approval through all invited members, the academic program, and the Graduate School. Updates to committee membership are also made through the student’s Graduate Student Portal.

Assistantships, Grants, and Tuition

All graduate assistant tuition scholarships are now processed through the Graduate Assistant Tuition Online Processing System. Refer to these instructions for guidance on assistantships, stipends, tuition scholarships, pre-employment background checks, and other student-employment policies, as well as for Memorandum of Appointment forms.

Miscellaneous Forms

  • Request for Personnel Action (PA Form)
  • Graduate Student Conference and Research Fund (CRF) Request : Requests for CRF funding are initiated by the graduate student, through the Graduate Student Portal. It will then be routed through the department and to the Graduate School for approval. Additional information about Graduate Student Research and Travel Support can be found here.

Annual Reports

Departmental data reports on graduate applications, enrollment, and graduation in recent terms are available upon request from the Graduate School.

Graduate Catalog Archives

Click here for archived editions of the Graduate Catalog, dating from 2009. Earlier editions are available upon request from the Graduate School.