Data Science Flyer

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Eligibility Requirements

  • Target majors:
    • Business, Mathematics, Biology, Cybersecurity 
  •  Prerequisite courses:
    • Required: Statistics, Calculus I
    • Preferred: Introductory data analytics
  • GPA 2.5 or greater

Application Requirements

  • Prefer recommendation letters from STEM Instructors.

Program Description

Jump-start your career with this data analytics bootcamp by learning important concepts and developing skills around data analysis. Hone your ability to answer multidisciplinary research questions with hands-on projects, mentoring from experienced faculty, and advice from industry, academic, and government leaders.

  • Outcome Driven
    • Build confidence needed to apply for a graduate program in statistics, business analytics, and related fields.
    • Gain valuable experience as a research assistant.
  •  Network
    • Collaborate with other program participants with a shared interest and background in data analytics.
    • Meet and learn from graduate students, experienced faculty, industry leaders, and government practitioners.
  • Job Readiness
    • Develop in-demand skills most requested by employers.
    • Earn credentials/certificate that prepare you to apply for a data-related position.
  • Blended Learning Options
    • Attend classes/meetings/sessions both online and in person.
    • Participate in virtual sessions led by industry, academic, and government leaders.
  • Hands-on Learning
    • Work on real-world research projects with experienced faculty.
    • Work at your own pace.
    • Apply the skills you learn to cutting edge research projects.

Program Contact