The University of Alabama’s Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP) can help you meet your goal of earning a graduate degree while saving time and cutting costs.

Through AMP, you take courses that count simultaneously toward your undergraduate and graduate programs. Once admitted, you can be approved to take up to 15 hours of graduate courses that will count towards both your Bachelor’s and graduate degrees. This can shorten the time it takes to earn your master’s degree by up to one year. Upon completion, you enter the job market with increased earnings potential and set yourself apart as a candidate with high-level critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

NOTE: Applicants must have earned 90 or more credit hours and have a minimum GPA of 3.3 to be considered for admission. Requirements vary by program. Please refer to the table below for participating programs and specific requirements.

You may start AMP once you have earned 90 or more undergraduate hours. Typically, this would mean that you will apply to the Graduate School in the final semester of your junior year.

At the time of application, you must have an overall undergraduate grade point average of no less than 3.3 in all courses (or higher if required by the program). Many programs require a higher GPA for admission and/or do not permit the full 15 hours to dual-count (see table).

Permission to take graduate courses will be granted by the Graduate School if you have met the criteria above as well as other minimum requirements for graduate admission. Upon admission to the Graduate School, you will begin a program of study leading to a master’s or doctoral degree, as approved by your department and by the dean of the Graduate School.

It is advised that as a prospective AMP student, you meet with the Graduate Program Director for your prospective AMP program at the beginning of your junior year. Programs may have specific coursework requirements and graduate class prerequisites for which you must be prepared.

Details regarding participating programs can be found in the Graduate Catalog.